Tubular Nylon Webbing

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Product description:

Tubular Nylon with inserted materials, spelling "TN"
Tubular Nylon is a soft, pliable Nylon webbing that can be used for a multiple number of projects. It is a tube of woven Nylon that lays flat and is typically as strong or even stronger than regular Nylon, even though it is thinner. It is available in many sizes and colors, and typically has a tracer of different colored webbing running down the middle.

Common uses:

Common tubular nylon uses.  Bungee leash and platic bag handle insertTubular nylon is used as a sheath for tubing, metal hardware, rope, and elastic. The tubular webbing has a nice smooth feel, so using it to cover the previous materials listed can help protect your hands from getting raw, aching, or cramping. Some people use it in place of rope, because tubular does not fray like rope or polypropylene webbing. Tubular webbing is used extensively in bungee and rigging applications because it is very strong & abrasion resistant.

How to use and restrictions:

If you needed a strong support strap for general use, climbing, hiking, rafting, etc., then this webbing is what you will need. It is great for tying and holding a knot, and the knot can easily be undone even after a great amount of pressure is applied. There are many different ways that tubular nylon can be used. Tubular Nylon has a breaking strength that ranges from 2,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. It all depends on the size as well as the manufacturer. Maximum recommended working load is usually a third of the breaking strength.

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